Cargo Eritrea

We've been proudly serving the Eritrean community in Canada for several years. To reserve your spot for the next shipment, please fill out this form and we will get back to you to confirm.

UPDATE: Your next Cargo Shipment from Toronto & Calgary/Edmonton to Asmara is scheduled for May 2024, with the expected delivery in July/August in Asmara. Please make your reservation online. Thank you. Cargo Eritrea!

Frequently Asked Questions


3. What are the dimensions/size of a barrel and where can I buy one?

4. How much does it cost to ship a barrel to Eritrea?

5. Do I need to have a 2% clearance?

8. Do you pick up the barrels from my house/building?

9. Is there customs fee for the shipment in Eritrea?

10. Is there a weight restriction on the barrel?

11. How can I pay for the shipment?

12. Do I have to label the barrel/item with an address?

13. Are there items which I am not allowed to ship to Eritrea?

14. How often do you ship to Eritrea?

15. Other than a barrel, what other items can I ship to Eritrea?

16. Will my barrel be safe? Should I lock it?

17. What happens to my shipment once it leaves my house?

18. What happens when my shipment arrives in Eritrea?

19. What do I need to have ready when you pick up my shipment?

20. Can I send more than one barrel?

22. Where can my family pick up my shipment?

23. Can I ship a vehicle to Eritrea?